Pomini Tenova Data Monitoring System - A 4.0 Industry Application Tailor-Made for Roll Grinding Machines

  • Diego Brusetti, Tenova S.p.A.,
  • Claudio Trevisan, Tenova S.p.A.

The implementation of an effective 4.0 industry concept requires an advanced hardware and software package, enabling the monitoring of a comprehensive set of variables, properly identified and tracked to assess the functioning conditions of the equipment as well as the progress of the process. Pomini Tenova developed its own proprietary data monitoring package, in which the expertise of the original equipment manufacturer, of the grinding specialists and of the software engineering team have contributed to provide roll shop users with an advanced and effective tool, tailor-made around roll grinding specific necessities.

  • Date:Monday, June 28
  • Time:12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
  • Session Type:Presentation Only
  • Is the main contact one of the authors?:No
  • Master Session:Virtual Program - Rolling & Processing
  • Speaker 1 Country:Italy
Diego Brusetti
Tenova S.p.A.
Claudio Trevisan
Tenova S.p.A.