Ironmaking, Reinvented: Gas-Based Hot Metal Process for a Clean Steelmaking Era

  • Francesco Memoli, Tenova Inc.,
  • Paolo Stagnoli, Tenova S.p.A.

The integrated steelmaking route is facing its hardest challenge ever: voices are raising to close blast furnaces and basic oxygen furnace (BOF) shops for good. The demand for industry decarbonization is guiding nations' policies and traditional steelmakers around the world are struggling to balance between company profitability and carbon emissions. Now, the gas-based hot metal process, capable of producing liquid pig iron starting from high-carbon hot direct reduced iron pellets, can revolutionize the field, maintaining BOF shops for the highest quality steel production. This paper presents the different projects currently under development and the impact in terms of greenhouse gas reduction, exceeding Paris Agreement goals.

  • Date:Tuesday, June 29
  • Time:3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Room:207 A
  • Location:207 A
  • Session Type:Presentation Only
  • Is the main contact one of the authors?:Yes
  • Master Session:Environmental: Emissions Control II
  • Session Chairs:Jim Belous, Adam Pace
  • Speaker 1 Country:United States of America
Francesco Memoli
Tenova Inc.
Paolo Stagnoli
Tenova S.p.A.